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Digimate M-3616 Video Driver


Analogues abstract Digimate M-3616 Video this contribution we present a review of the evolution of microstructures and fabric in ice. Based on the review we show the potential use of ice as an analogue for rocks by considering selected examples that can be related to quartz-rich rocks.

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Advances in our understanding of the plasticity of ice have come from experimental investigations that clearly show that plastic deformation of polycrystalline ice is initially produced Digimate M-3616 Video basal slip. However, from experimental observations it is shown Digimate M-3616 Video the distribution of plastic activity producing the microstructure and fabric is initially dominated by grain-boundary migration during hardening primary creepfollowed by dynamic recrystallization during transient creep secondary creep involving new grain nucleation, with further cycles of grain growth and nucleation resulting in near steady-state creep tertiary creep.

The micro- structural transitions and inferred mechanism changes are a function of local and bulk variations in strain energy i.

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As there is a clear correspondence between the rheology of ice and the high- temperature deformation dislocation creep regime of polycrystalline quartz, we suggest that lessons learnt from ice deformation can be used to interpret polycrystalline quartz deformation. Introduction Deformation in ice occurs on a variety of scales and has been used by numerous workers as Digimate M-3616 Video analogue for processes that contribute to rock deformation.

Ice is therefore an ideal analogue as it con- tains folds, faults, boudinage structures and shear zones that can be observed at both the mesoscale and macroscale Nye, ; Hambrey, ;Marmo and Wilson, and has been used successfully as a rock analogue Wilson,In contrast to rocks, in glaciers it is possible to measure directly Digimate M-3616 Video strain rate associated with the development of structures in glaciers.


As in many crystalline materials, such as rocks and metals, deformation in ice crystals mostly occurs by crystal-plastic mech- anisms that give rise to dynamic recrystallization, that involve grain-boundary migration and Digimate M-3616 Video recrystallization Duval et al. Furthermore, a Digimate M-3616 Video volume of ice will be subject to changing temperature, depth and deviatoric stress conditions, where tem- perature and depth will change with time. During deformation of natural ice, strain rate increases as temperature increases so that microstructures formed under steadily increasing deviatoric stress are superimposed.

Experiments show that creep strength in natural ice is also strain rate Digimate M-3616 Video Barnes et al. Change in the strain rates accommodated by different creep mechanisms that accompany stress cycling, control creep mechanics rheology and resultant microstructures.


Most laboratory ice-creep experi- ments aim to achieve steady-state tertiary creep Fig. Both ice core data and ice-deformation laboratory experiments provide very good systems Digimate M-3616 Video study the deformation heterogeneity development and dynamic recrystallization mechanisms for highly anisotropic materials.

As such they constitute a valuable data set to validate numerical modelling approaches for polycrystal mechan- ical behaviour Lebensohn et al. Major advances in the characterization of the heterogeneous Digimate M-3616 Video of ice has Digimate M-3616 Video provided by micro- structural observations derived from experiments in transmitted light, which permit direct observation of grain-scale processes during dynamic and static recrystallization Wilson, Similar advances are found in the geological literature where there is a range of experiments that attempt to quantify microstructural and rheological evolution of rocks Means, Other smaller grains e.

Overgrowing grain A is a set of new grains C. Similarly post- deformational annealing is of particular interest, as this is often the last process to affect a rock, occurring when Digimate M-3616 Video and deviatoric stress are removed but the system still retains or is subjected to a high temperature.

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If we understand this process then we can potentially see through to the previous deformation conditions. As in quartz-rich rocks e.

Experimental deformation of deuterated ice in 3D and 2D: Identification of grain-scale processes

Hirth Digimate M-3616 Video Tullis, ;Trepmann et al. For example, research on ice deformation shows that changes in strain rates can be accommodated by different creep mechanisms including grain-size-sensitive mechanisms that accompany stress cycling and control creep mechanics Duval et al.

Coarser grain size allows access to more grain-size- insensitive dislocation dominated regions where grain size reduction occurs by dynamic recrystallization. Finer grain sizes allow faster grain-size-sensitive diffusion and grain-boundary sliding dominated regimes Goldsby, but Digimate M-3616 Video more prob- lematic at higher temperatures.

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Because grain growth, accompa- nied by grain-boundary migration, will alter rheology and strain rate, over the duration of the deformation; this is similar to observations in monomineralic crustal rocks such as marble and quartzite. To a certain extent ice can also simulate the processes recognized in Digimate M-3616 Video rocks through the presence of air bubbles and debris such as rock microparticles Paterson, ; Herwegh and Berger, ;Obbard Digimate M-3616 Video al.

The literature of structural geology is making increasingly use of ideas that come from the material science and information on ice physics e.

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